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Laura Kivlighan Director of Client Engagement
Arlene Freudenberg Digital Engagement Manager
Taylen Anderson Visual Storyteller
Austin Smoldt-Saenz Communication Designer
Katelin Tiernan Managing Director
Meghan Crawford SEO & Growth Specialist
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Here's who we help and how: In-House Marketers at B2B + Education Firms  Paid Social Campaigns for Leads & Sales Social Strategy & Management for Brand Awareness & Advocacy HubSpot and Drift partner agency ⚡️ Read on... B2B marketers often have big

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You may not know us but youve probably heard our voice. Sculpt powers the social media and digital marketing efforts for brands big and small regional and national.

The Sculpt of the future trains your marketing team empowers your sales team and advises your leadership team—bringing our Hustle amp; Heart philosophy across the org chart. Also everyone has a dog.

Connecting brands with the right humans more humanly.

We look for humans with Hustle amp; Heart values. Theyre growth-oriented doers with spark that care about quality put humans first and believe in we over me.

Meet the Sculptrons.

We excel with clients who want to use social media to…

Were careful about taking on clients that we know we can help grow. If we dont think we can make a measurable impact well happily refer you to one of our partners who can.

Here are 3 things we look for when deciding if its a match.

Were amplifying your brand not inventing it.

You have a clear brand identity and the resources and assets to support your growth.

Were refining your goals not defining them.

You bring clear business goals to the table set with the help of past data and benchmarks so we can hit the ground running.

Were extending your team not replacing it.

You have at least one marketing or sales point of contact. We provide the tools and guidance for your team to operate with confidence.

Lets discuss how our team and plan can support your vision and goals.

Our engagement managers manage the client relationships and programs for brands of all sizes and specialties. Were prepared to talk tech in the morning commercial furniture after lunch. And love doing it.

Our designers turn big ideas into snackable stories. Complimentary skill sets in artistic and technical disciplines make us natural brand storytellers.

Our digital marketing and content strategists own all things analytical. On a daily basis youll find us managing paid ad budgets measuring impact and optimizing for success.

We hold our Sculptrons to a higher standard and you should too. Familiarize yourself with a few of our faces:



75% of B2B buyers use social media to make purchase decisions today.  Are you making it easy to buy? At Sculpt, we believe in doing B2B social the right way. The way that fills the top of the funnel, empowers your employee and customer advocates, nurtu