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How the 2021 Google Page Experience Update Will Impact Your Website | The Journey - read the full article about google updates 2021, Search engine optimization and from GoDaddy on Qualified.One
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- Today on The Journey, were talking about how Googles new algorithm changes can and will affect your page rankings as well as give you some steps you can take to stay on top.

Google announced that it postponed the roll out of the page experience updates specifically a ranking change to be a gradual roll-out that wont start until mid June, 2021.

It wont be fully rolled out until the end of August.

But if youre trying to stay ahead of the algorithm, sounds confusing and maybe a bit overwhelming, dont worry.

Were here to help just share and run through the latest SEO techniques that will keep your sites visible.

- All right, so lets talk about the update.

Whats going on? Well, basically Google plans to update its search algorithm to include a factor called page experience.

The page experience includes all aspects of how users interact with a webpage and how easy or painful it is for them.

- But what does this have to do with your SEO? Well, SEO is a crucial element in your online presence whether you believe it or not your website will not succeed if you dont optimize their SEO strategy and heres why.

75% of internet users dont go beyond the first page of Google and over 81% of consumers search for a product or service online before making a purchase.

And now with those statistics in mind, weve got some ways to keep on top of these changing trends and updates.

- Starting with first, become a user experience expert.

Google uses metrics called Core Web Vitals and they are user-centered metrics that put more emphasis on user experience and its broken down into three measurements.

First Input Delay, FID for short.

Two, Cumulative Layout Shifts, CLS and three Largest Content Full Paint, LCP.

- These things will measure how fast the page loads, how soon it gets interactive and its stability while loading.

And we recommend testing these features on your website to really see how they work and an excellent way to get Core Web Vitals report is just to use the free tool page speed insights.

- And to no surprise, mobile friendliness is key.

In fact, 75% of internet users will access the internet solely through mobile devices by 2025.

You guys, thats not too far away.

And according to the update, Google will now be crawling the mobile version of a website first before the desktop version.

So make sure that all the content on a site including images and videos are optimized for mobile to avoid being penalized by Google and then lose rankings.

- Then do your keyword research.

The use of keywords in SEO ranking, its not a new thing, but unlike in the past keyword density, no longer factors into SEO and keyword density is just stuffing your page as much as possible with your chosen keywords.

But you have to invest in keyword research to really ensure that you use keywords that can drive traffic and boost sales for your business.

A couple of tips on using keywords definitely wanna use long-tail and target keywords that match your business.

Google Search Console can definitely help with this.

And then consider the intent.

Besides using SEO tools to find the right keywords to use, you must understand the intent of your users.

With the right intent even a low volume keyword can give excellent results.

- And website security is a must.

Youve heard us talk about this on The Journey.

So Google is increasing its value of website security when determining a ranking.

As a website owner, what you need to do, you need to add specialized features that are specifically security features, including plugins and SSL certificates and that will help to make sure that your SEO strategy is successful and more than ever, more than ever, people need to feel safe on a website otherwise they will leave the site for another which will of course drop the ranking on the search engine results page for you.

- Lets talk about search intent.

Arguably Googles main purpose is to provide content, based on the users intentions.

If I wanna search cool things to do in my area, Im going to search and I hope to find cool things to do in my area.

And to help with this, Google uses Bidirectional Encoder Representations from Transformers algorithm.

That is a mouthful but well just call it BERT to promote user focused optimization.

So if content is not BERT friendly, its not going to rank or maintain its rankings.

To optimize your content for Googles BERT, perform a Google search for the keyword you wanna rank before creating the content just to ensure that it matches the searchers intent.

- And be sure to include my favorite video content.

So with over one billion users globally, YouTube makes an excellent marketing platform.

Hey, were here right now.

And if you havent started to use videos in marketing, you guys are majorly missing out.

Now, the first thing you need to think about when optimizing video content is the video channel name and description, of course you shouldnt overload your video description with keywords but include an excellent description of what the video channel is all about.

Help you target the right audience, help you get found. And as for your videos, the best way to optimize YouTube SEO is just make a list of topics that you want to discuss and then do your keyword research.

- Yeah, I mean, thats what we do here on The Journey.

Next tip we have for you is to optimize for voice search.

And according to Google, Google knows all, right? About 27% of internet users are using voice search on mobile.

And since most are likely to use voice search when asking a question, itll be best to optimize some of your content with questions like when, what and how.

Its important to note that when a user makes a query using voice search, theyll be giving a single answer and not a list.

In most cases, the answer will come from a snippet and in other cases from webpage.

This is super important.

I came to the realization that voice search was incredibly important as Im watching my daughter grow up and how acclimated she is to the phone, shes learning how to type and text and all that good stuff but shes using voice for almost everything.

And as generations grow up with the technology we have thats gonna be the go-to Im just gonna search and talk something.

So making sure this is part of your strategy now, will definitely set you up for success in long run.

- And if theres one SEO trend that will never change, its the need to produce relevant and original content, also valuable content for your audience.

Theres no shortcut here but its so important because if users dont find your content valuable, they will leave your page.

Theyll find another option.

Besides, an increase in bounce rate will hurt your digital authority so your ranking and the best approach toward this is to develop a content strategy with your target audience needs in mind and your content should be interactive and touch on their needs.

- And although content length is not a ranking factor, long-form content has been found to earn more links and shares, which is a ranking factor.

In fact, Neil Patel like stresses long-form content over almost anything.

And one study found that long form content and thats really anything over 7,000 words can drive four times more traffic than short reads.

So anything between like 900 to 1,200 words.

Plus long-form content allows you to gain expertise, authority and trust, all of which are crucial in content marketing.

After all only people with authority and credibility can create long form original content on a given topic.

- And add alt tags.

I actually just stressed this in a webinar recently.

Today alternative tags form a crucial part of any excellent SEO and alt text refers to image descriptions that Google crawlers use to scan through the images to determine whether they match your content or not.

Besides Google, alt texts are crucial for virtually impaired visitors who use screen readers to interpret a webpage is visual content.

- And dont forget about Emmas favorite, focusing on local SEO.

As the name suggests, local SEO is designed to direct visibility for websites and its specific geographical locations.

The good news is many people are searching for local information on Google.

The first step towards local SEO is to sign up for Google My Business and include your current address, contact information and operating hours.

Long tail keywords are exceptionally important for SEO.

So you should really optimize the site with keywords to boost your chances of ranking locally.

So a couple of examples here for you would be like, best hotels in Phoenix Arizona, best San Diego luxury hotels, best five-star hotels in Seattle.

You can tell them about to go on a trip cause Im looking for hotels.

But those are some of the examples that came top of mind.

- So the key to improving and maintaining your ranking after the page experience update is the same as it was before, create the best possible content and optimize your page to provide a good user experience.

You may have time before the update.

I hope you do but look, dont wait to optimize your pages.

Follow these tips to improve user experience which will help you now and after the update takes full effect.

- But wait, your journey is not over.

We have over 200 episodes for you to watch and continue on and learn and grow with your business.

Make sure to like comment and subscribe.

This is The Journey well see in the next video.

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