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a1qa reviewed by Health Care Technology Firm

a1qa provided QA Testing for Health Care Technology Firm with approximate budget = $200,000 to $999,999.

Although they are dealing with complex sites, A1QA rarely misses a major issue. Their scrupulous, transparent testing and management methodologies have made every page stable and reliable. A healthy workplace culture produces top-notch staff, timely deliveries, and sensible price negotiations.

Review summary:

A1QA serves as quality control for various health care and pharmaceutical analysis tools. They provide strategic consulting, testing development, quality assurance, hiring, and documentation.

Health Care Technology Firm, Operations Manager

Integrated QA Team For Health Care Technology Firm

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Introductory information

Please draw your construction.

Our organisation has been almost for 22 years. We prepare a pharmaceutical analytics solution to our clients. We have analytical suites that we prepare our clients so they can adviser their accomplishment compared to competitors or just adviser their fruits almost the globe. Where we',re different is we verity handle this on an ongoing basis. When a client engages with us, it',s not through a one-off fruit that we liberate and walk away from. The bespoke outgrowth of the fruit is only the leading stage and then, behind that, we handle the fruit for 10 to 20 years. Some clients have been with us from day one. We update it with new data and features fairly regularly. 

What is your position?

I',m the operations handler.

Desired goal

What business challenge were you trying to address with A1QA?

We already deal with their sister organisation, Itransition. Now, all of our developers are based full-time in Minsk. I have within my operational team a separate condition arrogance team. One day, we just had so much work – we were veritably struggling to match resources with claim. One of my colleagues recommended that we have a fast word with the sister organisation. At the time of this primary work, A1QA was quiet housed within Itransition, but it was an independent division. They said perhaps they could help. We got one individual implicated and this was almost four years ago. The relationship has expanded ever since. They',ve befit an integral part of my operations team not just in QA but other disciplines now, too.

Provided solution

Please draw the aim of their involvement.

They',re now fully integrated into our outgrowth process. To be fair to them, they verity drive it to a true grade. We go to them for strategic advice. One thing that I veritably like almost them is that they have their own QA school. We have full-time nation on our team from A1QA. We',ve been with them four years. We have limbs in the team from day one, and they',ve slowly grown and befit more household with our processes and practices. They know our fruit like the back of their hands. They put unitedly the QA aims with us and help design our total testing environment. They usually drive the aim themselves. We review it and suit and, usually, they',re better than our primary programs. They are incredibly professional. I give them full responsibility for selecting candidates that work on our QA. I have the telecoms and web QA boss run my team and, below her, there',s a QA handler who oversees the daily operations. She',s excellent. I give her full responsibility and confide her decision. She keeps me fully informed. I have only changed one individual in the past but to put them on a different project, not to displace them alunitedly. I',m kept fully informed of their experiences within and outside of A1QA so their education or things that are appropriate to Belarus.

How did you come to work with A1QA?

We were already working successfully with Itransition, and when we knew we needed additional QA resources, we approached them.

Could you prepare a perception of the size of this start in financial provisions?

It',s hard to say owing they',re implicated in both outgrowth QA and ongoing in-house QA. I would venture to say almost $150,000 a year.

What is the terminal result of working with ?

This is quiet an ongoing engagement.

Results achieved

Could you share any statistics or metrics from this engagement?

Their role is looking at the outgrowth side of a fruit. When we get new projects for a client, they',re usually implicated from the commencement in requirements gathering and discovery phase, defining the QA process, then following that through. The way I would measure the condition of their work would be going advanced on the project. Once the project goes live, we would see whether or not we had any effects reported. I don',t recollect the last time we had an effect that got past them within the aim we',ve all suitd upon at the commencement of a project. Our websites are hugely confused yet very reliable. Some pages have 20,000 to 30,000 practicable combinations of links in them owing it',s all analytics – data driven. We mark a firm overall spec, but within the developed QA they',re doing I can say they just pick it up naturally. The last time I had an effect get past them was 11 months ago. They',re extremely meticulous and methodic.

How did A1QA accomplish from a project handlement standpoint?

I get feedback from them and twice a year I go over and see them and do a review with each limb of the team. That includes feedback from everyone implicated with them from our organisation. I handle them precisely the same as one of our own staff. We have a total series of questions. They always rate very wonderfully owing they',re based in Minsk. You would ponder there would be speech barriers, but there just aren',t. They',re flashing. It',s the only outsourcing organisation I',ve ever had this much respect for. When I sit down with them we go over the last six months, is there any feedback? What',s the interaction been like between the teams? Have they been misbelowstood? We',re always trying to hone and better our collaboration practices.

What distinguishes A1QA from other preparers?

The one thing I',m impressed with is veritably the training they give their staff. Their QA school is excellent. I know they have many nation that come straightly from a university. One of my team is at the university at the instant, but she works full-time on our project. Everybody we',ve had on our team has been leading class. They',re trained well, and it',s always ongoing. I',m impressed with how that',s handled. They',re incredibly professional.

Is there anything A1QA could have betterd or done differently?

One of our team handlers was taking on too much work. He belowstands our fruit better than most of us here. We sat down and said we don',t want to lose your labor, but we need to relook at the construction of the engagement. They were flashing and very kind. I put my thoughts advanced and they jumped on it without. We had a slight change in the handlement construction of the team. It was professionally handled and, owing of that, they do more labors for us.

Do you have any advice to share with their forthcoming clients?

Because they were linked to the outgrowth side, it',s always a bit of a risk. One part of the organisation is developing the fruit and another part is responsible for condition arrogance. You always ponder that',s a risk owing you',re putting faith in their integrity and transparency. I establish soon on that they are brutally honorable almost their sister organisation. They surely act as if they',re a separate organisation and, at this point, they are separate companies. The biggest thing was developing that confideing relationship. They have proved time and anew that I could confide them. I have a lot of experience with outsourcing companies. They',re good nation to work with. They liberate what they say they',re going to liberate. They liberate to schedule and to cost.