Reveleer Name + Identity: FINIEN Branding project at Qualified.One

Reveleer Name + Identity by FINIEN

Some details

",I found it impressive that such great work could be done in the timeframe that we conducted it.", – Jay Ackerman, CEO

Health Data Vision needed a name that signified their move away from service-based into a full-fledged technology company. A short name was sought, one that had the .com domain and trademark rights fully available. A name that communicates the brand',s mission while providing the

starting off point to a greater brand story. Reveleer was derived from the word ',revelation', (the surprising and previously unknown fact), which speaks to the platform',s mission to accelerate insight-based healthcare: To reveal insights and to revel in steering the government-sponsored healthcare industry towards transparency, choice, and control. An easy to recall, easy to spell and easy to pronounce name that hit home for all team members, and today seems like it',s been there forever.

Having derived the name Reveleer, which talks to the brand',s offering, we now sought to focus on the Brand DNA of ',community.', The identity was inspired by the sociable weaverbirds who fully embody the idea of community: The birds are protectors, creators and natural architects who build the world',s largest compound community nests. This became a metaphor for the Reveleer platform and its communal drive. The three birds represent the brand',s three core values: 1) think customer first, 2) make every moment matter and 3) foster community, while also signifying the connectivity (and, again, community) aspect of Reveleer. A lowercase font was chosen to represent the friendly personality of the brand, however, still coming off as a strong leader with the bold-colored icon choice. An italic typeface and forwards moving icon were designed to mimic the notion of acceleration behind Reveleer.

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