Delta SkyMiles Portfolio Launch: Manifesto Agency Creative project at Qualified.One

Delta SkyMiles Portfolio Launch by Manifesto Agency

Some details

Delta SkyMiles sought to build affinity in second tier markets. With head to head competitors like jetBlue and Southwest Airlines holding the number one spot for domestic travel in those markets, the SkyMiles credit card team needed to find a way to differentiate and drive both enrollment and affinity for Delta SkyMiles. Repositioning the card in a portfolio approach and leveraging the one point of difference that Delta can

claim—an enhanced experience to more exotic destinations—our work with Delta helped them secure an aspirational lens on the accrual of SkyMiles in a first step to overtake the competition. With direct flights from Boston to London or Indy to Paris, Delta laid claim to the reality that Delta SkyMiles take you farther than the competition.


- Launch strategy development

- Campaign development

- Campaign creative execution (digital + social)


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