PBS THIRTEEN: Thirteen is worth fighting for: IPNY Digital Marketing project at Qualified.One

PBS THIRTEEN: Thirteen is worth fighting for by IPNY

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CHALLENGE: With Congress making noise about defunding the Corporation for Public Broadcasting in its new budget, THIRTEEN, the nation’s most-watch public television station, gave us a clear-cut mission: Create messaging that would 1)raise the ire of passionate New York viewers, 2)encourage subscribers to tell their local representatives to lobby against the impending cuts and 3) inspire



SERVICES DELIVERED: market research, Out-of-home, website design, content marketing, digital strategy, production, email marketing, digital advertising.


RESULTS: IPNY created a strong “call to arms” approach that transcended the well-bred fundraising appeals that public television is known for. The “Thirteen is Worth Fighting For” campaign leveraged powerful messaging that brought 18,000 viewers to the website, motivated hundreds of to write letters of support and drove incremental contributions among THIRTEEN’s donor base. 



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